The result of many years experience in the manufacture, sourcing and supply of the highest quality plywoods, Goldcore was developed by Panel Systems International to meet growing demand for a lightweight product with all the strength and workability of regular plywood.

    In particular, PSI’s long-term relationship with the marine industry gave it a unique insight into the requirement for weight reduction at a reasonable cost. The Research & Development that followed resulted in the creation and launch of Goldcore.

Today, few companies in the world can match the expertise of PSI and nothing compares to the quality and performance
of Goldcore. With production arrangements within NZ, China, Indonesia and Australia, Goldcore is procured in
Full Container Load quantities by many industries around the world including Marine, Construction, Architectural and Transport. Customer confidence in the Goldcore product has made it the go-to plywood whenever lightweight is a pre-requisite and the Goldcore team is available 24/7 for service and support.

Superior Quality in Manufacture

Goldcore is manufactured using the highest quality veneer (A) grade faces spliced lightweight core and marine (Phenolic Formaldehyde glue).

Innovation in Goldcore’s unique manufacturing process ensures flatness and stability with thicker faces, sanded ready for clear finishing, painting or overlaying.

BS1088 Quality

Goldcore meets the requirements of the BS1088 (LW) standard.

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