The experience of working with Goldcore offers a difference you can actually feel. The combination of exceptional manufacturing standards and high quality materials sets Goldcore apart from any other plywood.

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Super Lightweight

Now you can make significant weight savings to any interior build. Up to 38% lighter than standard plywoods, Goldcore weighs in at just 400kg/m3.

This sort of weight saving makes Goldcore ideal for marine and motor home cabinetry because it allows greater capacity for other features such as engineering or tankage.

Furthermore, Goodcore’s lightness makes it safer and easier to handle and reduces fatigue on production and fitout craftsmen as a result.


Superior Quality in Manufacture

Goldcore is manufactured using the highest quality veneer (A) grade faces spliced lightweight core and marine (urea formaldehyde glue).

Innovation in Goldcore’s unique manufacturing process ensures flatness and stability with thicker faces, sanded ready for clear finishing, painting or overlaying.

BS1088 Quality

Goldcore meets the requirements of the BS1088 (LW) standard.

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